League of Legends counter 10+ working tips

You always have something to learn in the game League of Legends, especially with the fact that there are patches with big and phenomenal changes to the game constantly. Sometimes you will feel like you’re not improving and then suddenly something will click and you’ll play massively better.

Abuse your enemy’s weakness

You need to punish mistakes, even the smallest of things, as soon as someone is out of position you don’t hesitate and you just punish them straight away, you don’t give them time to correct their mistakes. It’s also about trying to force mistakes from the enemy, so you pressure and you give them more to worry about, especially in the laning phase like they have to worry about ganks, CS, your damage on them by auto-attacks or dodging your skill shots and jungle pressure. That’s much harder to manage than just CS for example. You also need to look at your game for example what items you’re going to go in general build, and like what you want to do at different stages of the game and when you want to be fighting.

Practice CSing

This is one of the things that you will hear everywhere. The basic rule is 15 CS gets roughly equated to 1 kill and to look for aiming to get 10 cs per minute and you know, have around 200 CS at 20 minutes. I’m not expecting you to nail this overnight, but go into games and specifically work at it. This skill will only get easier over the time and the amount of games you play, eventually it will become second nature. It’s going to be hard but you need to bite the bullet and give it your all to focusing and dedicating yourself to it.

Master getting all the CS

Here’s a little secret tip to help you, this is what every high ranked player when smurfing does, whether it is a challenger, master or diamond player smurfing they’ll do the exact same thing to stomp lower ranked games. It is what most people don’t realize, the fact of the matter is that in lower ranks, nobody knows how to farm, they don’t know how to take objectives or even play their own champion, this is also the reason why low ranked games commonly go for over forty to fifty minutes. It’s because both teams don’t know what they’re doing. In most cases, good CS is enough to give you the edge to climb over time.

Tier Lists to show you the best champions to play and counter with

League of Legends has a variety of champions and some of the contradict each other’s playstyles giving rise to some obvious counters. Because of this, I have started using a tier list that provides a lot of information on what to expect when a new patch hits the rift and helps me in choosing champions to play and do well on as well as providing me insights on what I should ban since they would be ridiculously strong.


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