How to Remove Unwanted Pop up’s On Kodi

Almost all the kodi users are getting different kinds of pop-ups while using the kodi addons. These popups are irrelevant to the user content and they are not allowed the user to watch what user want to watch. If you want to get rid of these issues you have to follow our tutorial.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the different pop-ups like┬ákodi authorization pair and how to disable them with easy methods,…etc. Different users are using different types of kodi versions and different devices to use kodi addons. So we are giving the steps individually for every different version.

How To Remove Unwanted TV Addons Notifications On Kodi Latest Version

When you are trying to watch your favourite movie, you will get different kinds of TV addons on kodi latest version 17 or 18. If you felt those TV addons are unwanted to you, you can follow our tutorial to get some help.
1. Launch your “Kodi”
2. Click on “Programmes”
3. Come to the “Context Menu”
4. Press “Select Button” for few seconds
5. Now click on “Addon Settings”
6. Click on “Unsubscribe”
7. Finally, select “OK”
From now onwards your kodi will never get any kind of unwanted notifications.

How To Remove Unwanted TV Addons Notifications On Kodi Krypton

The below steps are applicable to the user who is using the kodi krypton. If you are using the kodi krypton you need to follow the below steps to remove the unwanted popups on your kodi krypton.
1. Launch your “Kodi Software” > Click on “Addons”> Chose “Program Addons”> Highlight “Do Not Select” option> Click on “Notifications”
2. Visit the “Context Menu”> click on “Select” button> Click on “Settings”> Chose “Unsubscribe”> Finally select “OK”

Above two methods are mostly works if you face while doing this process and visit this site again and write a comment we will respond as soon as possible. This is only best way to avoid pop Up’s on Kodi addons.
With the above two procedures, you can solve any unwanted TV addons pop-ups. So use the methods which are relevant to the kodi version. If you have any other unwanted pop-up issues, you can say to us through the comment box.

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