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8/4/11 - Gaming Truth - Operation Chastity: Halo's Grand Opus

7/4/11 - Halo movie buzz to begin this summer

4/4/11 - Halo Film "Operation Chastity" is set to release this summer [UPDATE]

23/3/11 - Halo movie teaser soon, global tournament launches

22/3/11 - Halo fan film creators throw worldwide Reach tournament

5/10/10 - Land Rover Owner International

Operation Chastity's Warthog was featured in a five-page spread in Land Rover Owner International's November edition. It featured a series of exclusive on-set photographs from our film shoot in July 2010 and interviews with director Peter Cooper and vehicle creator Dan Carey-George.
For a larger version of this article, click here.

28/09/10 - Yahoo News - Fan Movies Teach Hollywood How It's Done

24/09/10 - Yahoo News - The $200,000,000 Game

21/01/10 - Hawty McBloggy - 2009 Best Of Halo Winners

11/11/09 - Joystiq - Real Life Halo Spike Grenade Not For The Timid

29/10/09 - The Examiner - Operation Chastity - The Halo Movie That's Actually Being Made

28/10/09 - The Escapist - Halo Fan Film Unveils Full Scale Warthog Jeep

26/10/09 - Joystiq - Your Custom Made Warthog Isn't This Good

24/10/09 - Pixelated Geek - Operation Chastity Unveil Warthog To The London Masses

13/08/09 - Wired - Halo Fan Seeks £30,000 For Ultimate Fan Film

10/08/09 - Joystiq - Ambitious Fan Film Looking For Donations

27/03/09 - Co-Optimus - Operation Chastity - A Fan Made Halo Movie On A Budget

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Operation Chastity is a completely independent work, not financed by or affiliated with the Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Game Studios, Bungie Studios, Wingnut Films, Weta Studios, Ensemble Studios or any other parties linked to the Halo computer games.  Operation Chastity is a completely original film set in the world of the Halo computer games and is being made as a non profit fan production – by fans, for fans. Halo, its related images and designs are Copyright of Microsoft Game Studios.