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Donations have already been very important to the success of the film so far, and they have assisted in making all that has been seen already possible. Your donations go towards necessary conceptual artwork, prop and costume acquisition and paying for vital equipment necessary to make this fan film a reality.

Please be assured that we are not profiting from your donations in any way. Every penny received is pumped straight back into the film. And for those of you who are particularly generous, we are happy to send gifts in return for their donations and their generosity!

So please, support our project – every penny helps make our film a reality!

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Operation Chastity is a completely independent work, not financed by or affiliated with the Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Game Studios, Bungie Studios, Wingnut Films, Weta Studios, Ensemble Studios or any other parties linked to the Halo computer games.  Operation Chastity is a completely original film set in the world of the Halo computer games and is being made as a non profit fan production – by fans, for fans. Halo, its related images and designs are Copyright of Microsoft Game Studios.