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Welcome all challengers to the Operation Chastity Grand Tournament!

48 teams from around the world will do battle over the coming months, fighting tooth and nail in 4v4 combat upon the hallowed turf of Reach, for ultimate glory, and more importantly, cool prizes! The tournament will start on Saturday 9th April 2011, coming to a close on 18th June 2011.

Places for the tournament are limited. The tournament is free to enter, however donations toward the Operation Chastity project are gladly accepted. For more information or to donate to Operation Chastity, please visit our donations page.

The winners of our Grand Tournament will receive:
Sets of OC UNSC Marine patches
Sets of original 18"x11" OC concept art prints
Copies of the OC teaser with lots of behind the scenes material
Screen-used UNSC Marine combat shirts used in the film
AND a special team prize - a Reach goodie bag filled with action figures, novels and a copy of Halo Legends!

The winners of our Nations Tournament will receive:
Sets of OC UNSC Marine patches
Sets of original 18"x11" OC concept art prints
Copies of the OC teaser with lots of behind the scenes material - as well as a heap of national pride!

To apply for a place in the Operation Chastity Grand Tournament, you will need to email the gamertags, email addresses and nationalities of all the members of your entire team, as well as stating a given team name and your nominated Team Captain for the purposes of tournament organisation.

Please email all team applications to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Team registration rules:

There is no charge to enter the competition and players of any nationality may enter.

Applications will be accepted from Monday 21st March 2011 at 8:00PM GMT.

Teams are to be composed of up to five players (four players with space for one optional registered substitute). Under no circumstances can an unregistered player participate in the tournament.

All team members should try to have a complete team from the same country. Any teams that fail to field at least three players from a given nation cannot represent their country in the Nations Tournament, though they will still be eligible for the Grand Tournament.

No "guest" entrants will be accepted for play in the tournament. All players participating in a match need to play with their own gamer tags, and must be registered.

Nominated Team Captains are to be the point of contact for matches unless prior notice is given by the team before a match is to take place. For the sake of the organisers, can nominated team captains please be fluent English speakers.

Tournament schedule:

The tournament will begin on Saturday 9th April 2011 in a league structure – 8 leagues, with 6 teams per league. Over the first five weeks, teams will compete for a place in the Grand Tournament, with the first and second place teams proceeding. Those in third place within the league, assuming they are eligible, will proceed to the Nation's Tournament.

In the event that an ineligible team finishes in third place, or third place is contested by more than one team and the situation cannot be resolved by analysing the total of league game wins, the place will be decided by a play-off, which will take place between eligible teams selected by the organisers, in Week 6.

With the teams decided for the Grand Tournament and Nation's Tournament, the competition will proceed in a knock-out fashion, with the finals for both tournaments taking place on Saturday 11th June 2011. The winners of both tournaments will then face off in a grand finale on Saturday 18th June 2011, joined by a team of Operation Chastity cast and crew members!

Week 1 - League match
Week 2 - League match
Week 3 - League match
Week 4 - League match
Week 5 - League match
Week 6 - Playoffs
Week 7 - Grand Tournament Quarter-Final/Nations Tournament Quarter-Final
Week 8 - Grand Tournament Semi-Final/National Tournament Semi Final
Week 9 - Grand Tournament Final/National Tournament Final
Week 10 - OC Invitational!

Match rules:

Match days each week will be Saturdays, unless otherwise re-arranged between Team Captains.

Game types will be decided, with any additional rule sets, at least 24 hours prior to match day. MLG rule sets will apply. These are to be adhered to without question by participating teams.

"Host" Captains will be given gamer tags of opposing Captains for purposes of inviting opponents to the game.

If a team does not show for their match without prior warning it is an instant forfeit.

Notice of requests for rescheduling have to given between Team Captains at the latest one hour prior to the match. If proper notice is not given, then the match is deemed forfeit by the non-present side.

Lag tests are to take place before the start of first game. If connections are reaching yellow bars during the first game, the offer of hosting for the game must be offered to other team. Once the first game is agreed to be played, the match must go on and should a team back out that will be considered forfeiting the match. If lag makes the match unplayable, however, a reschedule can be scheduled by mutual agreement. Organisers must be notified of a mutually agreed reschedule.

If players drop out due to connection issues or for other reasons the team must play on without that player for the rest of the game. If their substitute is available or the missing player is able to return, they can join the match at the end of the game. A maximum of five minutes is to be allowed for the substitute to join the match. If the substitute does not join in that time, the match must proceed with the team under-strength. Refusal to do so constitutes a forfeit.

No use of custom maps - stock maps only. Host teams using custom maps will face automatic forfeit of their match.

This is a fair play tournament. We have zero tolerance of bad behaviour in-game. Any trashtalk, persistent tea-bagging or other antisocial behaviour will be grounds for automatic match forfeit.

All requests for moderation by the organisers will have to be backed up by in-game videos placed on Bungie fileshare for arbitration. The decision of the organisers is final.

League system rules:

Match win = 3 "match" points
Match draw = 1 "match" point
Match loss = 0 "match" points
Game win = +1 "game" point
Game loss = -1 "game" point.

Standing in the league is to be decided primarily by match points, with additional weighting determined by number of game points.

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Operation Chastity is a completely independent work, not financed by or affiliated with the Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Game Studios, Bungie Studios, Wingnut Films, Weta Studios, Ensemble Studios or any other parties linked to the Halo computer games.  Operation Chastity is a completely original film set in the world of the Halo computer games and is being made as a non profit fan production – by fans, for fans. Halo, its related images and designs are Copyright of Microsoft Game Studios.